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Cyber Liability for Healthcare


Unfortunately there are too many stories of businesses being devastated by cyber-crime, but there are stories of success.

In 2021 Healthcare Targeted by Cyberattacks

The healthcare industry continues to be targeted by cyber threat actors, with the industry having reported more data breaches than any other industry sector this year. Healthcare has been the most targeted industry or has been close to the top since at least 2017 and it does not appear that trend will be reversed any time soon

Experts got together for a panel discussion on Thursday 11/4 to highlight:

Local examples of businesses hurt by cybercrime or disasters, and how they responded

What can be expected from #Cyberliability insurance policies after a ransomware or breach situation

Steps to improve your Business Resiliency Plans and Cybersecurity Policies

The AME Group's Security Team is collaborating with Torian Insurance in this panel discussion to help you understand cyber liability and security. 

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Cyber liability for Healthcare Panel